How to add Daily Good to your daily routine

It's what you do daily that counts...

So to make each day count towards strengthening your immunity with Daily Good we recommend taking your shot each day. By taking Daily Good you're getting supported with the goodness of our organic and sustainably grown superfoods, plus your RDI (recommended daily intake) of zinc to meet your bodies immunity needs.

Read more below about how to make sure you get your daily good-ness.


Build your routine

One of the best ways to form Daily Good into a daily habit is to start a routine.

One of the many great things about Daily Good is that it comes in a dosing bottle with 7 daily shots in a bottle, this means you're able to commit to a week of shots with each bottle (plus also get great value with cost per shot much lower than single shots) - we recommend keeping it in the fridge in pride of place so you can't not see it when you open the fridge each day!

We've got some great ideas for how you can incorporate Daily Good in to your daily routines:


Have it as a morning shot 

Try taking Daily Good at the same time each day, personally we enjoy ours as a shot next to our morning coffee or with our breakfast.

You can take your shot 'neat' with just Daily Good, or dilute it in water or juice if the ginger is a little too warm for your palate. 


Mix up a smoothie 

Why not try adding Daily Good into a breakfast smoothie? We've got loads of suggestions over on our Instagram - as well as several recipes online for you including our 'Green Immunity Smoothie' or our 'Tropical Immunity Smoothie' recipes.




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