Our GOOD Immunity - Organic New Zealand Blackcurrants

What's small, juicy, and punches well above its weight? 

If you answered the Blackcurrant then you'd be right, but also maybe strangely obsessed with these super fruits like we are!

When we sat down to create Daily Good behind our Zoom screens during the initial 2020 lockdown in New Zealand we really wanted to make sure that we gave our 'Daily Good-ers' the best possible product that we could.

We spent ages pouring over different ingredient options and made sure to pick those that not only were great for you, but also great tasting (if you haven't tasted our Blackcurrant Immunity Shots, then you really ought to 😉).


Okay, okay - we get it, they're good for you. But why?

We've looked to the New Zealand industry experts on Blackcurrants, aka. the team at 'New Zealand Blackcurrants' for a bit more on these super berries...

"The term ‘nutraceutical’ refers to a food that has medicinal benefits. Blackcurrants have been rumoured to have these qualities for centuries.

Traditional healers used them for conditions such as arthritis, liver disease, kidney stones, gout, inflammation of the mouth, stomach and bowel disorders, lung ailments, fatigue, and as a diuretic.

But it’s only in recent decades that scientists have begun to seriously investigate the healing and protective powers of this remarkable fruit. Our ancestors were definitely on to something – the health benefits of blackcurrants are now being confirmed by solid scientific evidence."

And there really is a whole (18 wheeler) truck-load of scientific work that people MUCH smarter than us have been doing to look in to these amazing health benefits.

So, here are just a few of the benefits of Blackcurrants:

  • Reduce the effects of asthmatic lung inflammation
  • Lessening muscle damage and assisting immune responses during exercise
  • Can improve eyesight focus
  • Help adapt eyes to darkness
  • Improve blood circulation [to] limbs during cold weather
  • Relieve morning stiffness symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis patients
  • and keep people thinking sharply when making decisions under stress
  • Source: https://www.blackcurrant.co.nz/blackcurrants/benefits/

We don't know about you, but those sound like rather great benefits to us!

We might be biased, but after that - we think you should try Daily Good Immunity Shots in Organic Blackcurrant.

Follow the link here to see more on these great tasting and great-for-you Immunity Shots.


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