Our GOOD Immunity - Organic Mānuka Honey

Hold the sugar, we're sweet enough already!

"Sweetened with Organic Mānuka Honey" is written on the front of every Daily Good bottle - but this super ingredient is well known for more than just making sure your Daily Good tastes reaaaaal good.

Every ingredient that goes into Daily Good's immunity shots has been carefully curated for a specific reason. We've not scrimped when it comes to picking the best ingredients.

To use the best ingredients are not just the highest quality, but are also the best for where they come from and the very people who grow and make them!

Honey, honey...

Those singers in Mama Mia sure knew what they were talking about, honey really is the bees knees.

Honey is well known for many of its benefits including being a good source of antioxidants, its antibacterial properties and being a great digestive aid.

There's a reason that honey can be one of the pricier per gram foods.

Plus a tickly throat makes us want to reach for a spoon full of honey, another reason why Daily Good for its soothing properties!


Where does our honey come from?

We are super proud to have awesome suppliers up and down New Zealand (where Daily Good is made), and one of these is our honey. 

We use premium Organic Mānuka Honey that is harvested from high altitude slopes here in New Zealand, mostly from the hills surrounding Kaikoura where the manuka bush is thick and lush.

The hives are so far away from any form of civilization there is little chance of pollution and little of disease. So far away in fact, that after the Kaikoura earthquakes the only way the bee keeper could access them was to helicopter in!

Mānuka is a New Zealand native plant known for it's gorgeous small white flowers. When it's in full bloom it can almost look like a dusting of snow on Mānuka trees!

By using honey we are also supporting the cultivation and care of bee hives - and as we all know the bee is the key to our planet's success - without bees we'd be in some deep doo doo's! Our beekeepers population of bees is vital to more than just creating our gorgeous honey, it also benefits nearby crops and ecosystems.


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