Our GOOD Immunity - Why Zinc?

There's no denying we are passionate about all things immunity and extremely passionate about giving you a product that is genuinely going to support your immunity... You don't just go and create a range of immunity shots with this high of a quality just for kicks.

We've put a lot of effort in to developing Daily Good's immunity shots and making sure they can be the best they can be - we really ought to get our noggin's checked as there are a lot of easier and cheaper ways we could have developed Daily Good! But we took the path less taken to make sure that Daily Good is a product that really is as GOOD as we say it is.

If we can't back up a claim - we won't put it on our label!

Here's a little bit more about our immunity and things you should check when looking in to how to support your very own immunity with health and wellness products.

Bear in mind that our food scientists would probably cringe at how we've explained some of the below... but we wanted to make things nice and easy to read on one page!

Zinc for immunity?

Yep, you heard it here first... or to be fair, probably not - you might have heard about this little-old mineral called Zinc in loads of research before. Zinc is a mineral that is well regarded in supporting your natural immune function and it's actually a mineral that many soils (such as those here in NZ where we make Daily Good) can lack so it's great to make sure that you keep your body topped up. 

But why Zinc? Why not Vitamin C like loads of other immunity products on the market?

Don't worry our team totally said this too when we developed Daily Good (as its way easier to include and friendlier on our bottom line) and the sneaky secret is that when Daily Good is first produced that it is high in Vitamin C!

...However like most good things there is a bit of chemistry at play here. We have worked closely with many leading experts in food science and immunity product development to learn all about the use of Vitamin C in immunity products. Like many other similar products out there Daily Good uses honey (Organic premium New Zealand Mānuka Honey to be exact!) as a key ingredient in the immunity shots.

The chemistry at play here is that the honey essentially "eats" that good Vitamin C up likely before the shots have hit your lips, meaning that you're likely missing out on that Vit C boost to your immunity.

Zinc is a much more stable element to include in a product (and just quietly more expensive) and it won't be gobbled up by that rather greedy honey.

It's a bit of a long story, not so short - but this is why we have chosen to include Zinc in our organic immunity shots, to provide you with an immunity product that really does what it says on the tin!

Okay, but how much Zinc do you need?

In order to make what you would call "a Zinc Immunity Claim" on a Supplemented Food under the Food Standard Code Australia & NZ (Standard 1.2.7 to be exact) you need to ensure that Zinc Gluconate is included at a minimum of 25% RDI per serve... you'll see on the Daily Good label that this is at 27%!

We've gone to loads of effort and money (to the detriment of our accountants' happiness) to develop a true immunity product.

We test our products to make sure we are meeting this level of Zinc Gluconate per serve - not only when the shots have first rolled off the factory line but also at the end of their stated shelf-life, to make sure that if you took them right at the end of the shelf date that they still give you that vital immunity support you are after.


Trust us, we really could rabbit on about immunity for hours but we'll spare you just this once 😉 You know where to find us if you've got any more questions around immunity - just drop us a line and we'll do our best to help you out with the info you are after.

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